A Fantasy Adventure With My Niece

Last spring, my niece was given an assignment – to send a flat version of herself to someone who lives in a different place. The person who received it would take photos and journal their adventures together and send them back for presenting to the class.   While I certainly took her around Saint Paul […]

Trying SkillShare

I’ve wanted to try and expand my horizons and diversify my skills when it comes to design and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So, I’ve decided to give SkillShare a try. SkillShare is a service where thousands of experts teach you almost anything under the sun – from motion graphics to sewing to, […]

Sticker Design Prompt

For a recent job application, I was asked to design stickers based off of two promts: “Thank you for making my party magical” and “Best Day Ever”. I put together a handful of different ideas using the required copy, some art assets I was given, and the option of making/creating my own assets to express […]

Design and Sublimation

Here are a couple of new items I worked on today that I thought would be really neat to show.   The first image was created for an award order with a quick turnaround time where we couldn’t get in a prefab plaque plate with a similar image and design so I was tasked with […]

“A Winner Is You” Book Cover Artwork

I recently received my physical copy of Ryan Molina’s “A Winner Is You” and I always love seeing my art go from screen to print. Everything turned out really well and, hey, the book is funny too! You can pick up your own physical or digital copy right at this link.

Candle Ad Mockup

Candle Ad Mockup

Searching for a job isn’t just shooting off a resume – sometimes there’s other, specific work that is asked of you to show off how your skills can apply. For a recent job position, I was asked to mock up a piece for Dianne’s Custom Candles and I felt the job I did warranted putting […]

Redrawing And Improving

There’s been a recent hashtag on Twitter that has a lot of fans contributing fun and new takes on animated TV shows that I’ve taken part in and it’s really been a blast! It’s pretty simple – someone posts a screencap and invites others to redraw it or reinterpret it and then they share all […]

Zootopia-inspired Doodle

I was looking through a Zootopia art book and seeing all the little 2D sketches the animation team was going through, instructions on how to draw bodies and such and I wanted to give it a go myself. With lots of fun, smooth, curved lines it turned out drawing in this style was almost as […]

Celebrating Pokémon

A fun illustration I had done to celebrate Pokémon’s 20th anniversary in 2016 – a trainer about to embark on his journey in the midst of this global phenomenon.

Hijabi Hero

I was itching to do something fun and new in an illustration and, being a white guy, I generally stick to my defaults as an artist. So, I want to start branching out by drawing and designing characters who aren’t that sort of ‘default’ that people expect. And the result was this very neat and […]