Candle Ad Mockup

Searching for a job isn’t just shooting off a resume – sometimes there’s other, specific work that is asked of you to show off how your skills can apply.

For a recent job position, I was asked to mock up a piece for Dianne’s Custom Candles and I felt the job I did warranted putting up here as an example. I made another, simpler piece, but this one I went all in on to try and get the look and feel right for a luxurious candle ad. It was tough and fun to do because I didn’t have any actual assets to work off of and had to make and recreate my own, including the logo. Some parts are right on, others are hard to do, but overall I think I did a decent job.

What I did here was I looked for an image that felt the mood I was looking for – a soft-lit, comfortable living room with a nice, visible table. Now, the one I found was very large, which was good because I didn’t need the whole shot. I needed to crop it so that the subject was on display. This image did have some candles already placed, but I felt that having something to compare to might come in handy. Next, I found an image of candles that can service as the spotlight that would fit the image in terms of perspective but also could be seen as distinct. I went to work implementing it into the scene by adding some reflection on the table as well as some lighting highlights on other objects to make it feel like it was part of the world.

Check out Dianne’s Custom Candles here.