Randy Thompson | Digital Designer

I’ve designed products and their packaging, built brands from scratch, produced eye-catching video, illustrated a children’s’ book, ran email marketing campaigns, developed websites, published researched articles and media criticism, created marketing materials that vary from brochures to tote bags to product show booth displays. Long story short – I’m experienced in a lot of stuff and know a good, worthwhile trick or two when it comes to media and digital design.

What You Will Find Here?

Please check out my gallery that shows the best of each facet of my abilities – graphic and marketing design, illustration, image editing, and more. Please also peruse my art blog where I post all the neat stuff I’ve been working on. Off in its own section is my video content which, you guessed it, has some videos I’ve produced and developed utilizing editing, illustration, and motion graphics.

If you’re interested in contacting me for commissions, freelance work, or other opportunities, please check out the About Me page for all the details you’ll need.