Design and Sublimation

Here are a couple of new items I worked on today that I thought would be really neat to show.


The first image was created for an award order with a quick turnaround time where we couldn’t get in a prefab plaque plate with a similar image and design so I was tasked with recreating the design and making our own plates. Stock photo searching and blending in to the black background for some dynamic lighting made short work of this task and it transferred to the steel plate like a charm.


The second is a plaque award where I got to design the piece from scratch. The client didn’t have a solid idea and wanted to see what we could do. Taking inspiration from a couple of items we had in our catalog I went all in and made something fun and on-brand for the team. This was also one of the few times I got to do everything myself – design, printing, sublimating, and mounting.