Building ‘Japan Longing Club’

Starting with Building Blocks

I was tasked with designing branding for a new podcast which would focus on Japanese culture as well as various bits of gaming and nerd news coming out of Japan. The founder of the podcast had taken a trip there in 2014 and had a handful of really great photos he thought would make for art assets for the branding. He sent them to me and let me try my hand at it. Above are the original photos I worked with.

Designing a Few Options

Using Photoshop to sweeten the color grading and doing some sky replacements, I had something that I felt I could work with. I then went to work playing with font choices and color schemes to build a number of ideas for what this brand could look like. I had sent all of the above to the podcast founder to mull over and decide what path he wanted to take.

Creating the Assets

At long last, the image had been decided. After making the final choice, I had set about creating bespoke images to be used for the podcast album art, social media avatar, and banner images.

The podcast is now live and available on a number of platforms. The prime listing with links to all other platforms for Japan Longing Club can be found here.