‘Play the Dragon’ Cover Illustration

I was recently commissioned by my good friend Ryan Molina to do some illustration work for his upcoming book. This is actually the second book of his I’ve done art for and it’s always a blast to work with a fellow nerd.

Here, I’ve done an illustration of the iconic Dragon Ball protagonist Goku playing video games with himself – one adult, one child. I even snuck in a poster in the back of the cover of Ryan’s other book I got to work on.

You can find the book on Amazon and make sure to also check out the webpage for his whole group.

Zootopia-inspired Doodle

I was looking through a Zootopia art book and seeing all the little 2D sketches the animation team was going through, instructions on how to draw bodies and such and I wanted to give it a go myself. With lots of fun, smooth, curved lines it turned out drawing in this style was almost as entertaining as the movie itself. So, here’s a comic-book fox who can’t put down his phone.